How the Law of Attraction Can Make You a Smarter Entrepreneur

The Law of Attraction can be summed up in four words: like calls to like. As a person, we attract those who have similar attitudes and ideas.

​As an entrepreneur, it is important to attract the right types of people. Surrounding yourself with positive, successful people will make or break your business.

Here’s how you need to look at:

​1. Decide Who You Are

  • One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will make is how you want others to perceive you. This is “personal branding”.
  • Personal branding determines how the business world perceives you. It will also determine other things; who will meet with you, who will do business with you, and how much clients are willing to pay you.
  • If your personal brand is strong, it will also help the right people find you, and will get you in front of them.

2. Creating Your Brand

  • After deciding on a personal brand, take steps to make it happen.
  • Create a personal website.
  • Develop a social media presence. Start with growing an audience and creating great content on just one.
  • Use services like LinkedIn and Instagram to make network connections.
  • Make sure to be consistent, both with your brand and updating all of your online profiles, websites, and social media connected to your name. Future clients rely on these resources to determine whether or not to hire you, so its important to take them seriously.

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