Inspiration for Starting a Business

Starting a business is something that many people consider doing, but often don’t attempt because they are afraid to take risks. Most of us have an inner entrepreneur that wants to come out. ​Kind of like

However, we are understandably attracted to the notion of a steady paycheck with benefits and regular vacations. It’s hard to deal with the uncertainty of being short of income until you business idea gets off the ground. In fact, we love to help people learn about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, which requires tons of planning and a transition to fluctuating income. And maxed out credit card debt.

You should probably launch today…

Advice is easy to find on becoming an entrepreneur. There’s good advice, and there’s bad advice. Your best bet is to speak to experts who can provide relevant advice that is actionable for you. Seek this from your local community, hopefully from affiliated entities with a local government or with an institution of higher learning.

Small business development assistance is often free or offered for a small fee, enabling people to get your business venture started and explain what resources might help you along the way. Find entrepreneurs who have exited or retired business professionals; sometimes they are dying to give inspirational advice on how to launch your enterprise!

The Plan is Essential (although I suck at planning so don’t listen to me)…

Because of the digitalization of our society, it’s easy to read about the millions of success stories of “the next facebook,” and other annoying analogies that people always use. Internet readers love to consume these stories of people who test an idea at the right time in the market.

Dream Big. Seriously.

The American dream is still alive! You can build a business out of nothing. Dream as big as you can when you consider starting a business. This helps attract top talent who can share your vision. But, get realistic as quickly as you turn to drafting the first business plan (or 1 page executive summary, which is even better). The key to becoming an entrepreneur is carefully studying your market and crafting a plan that really addresses a need. You also need a plan to support yourself while the business launches. Credit cards are a great alternative to a salary for way more entrepreneurs than you would guess.

For more advice on starting a business, or to start building your credibility beforehand, check out our service HandBrander.

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