Three Reasons Entrepreneurs should Attend NamesCon ‘17

Last January, I attended the Domain Name conference NamesCon 2016 and learned a ton about domain name investing. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s actually really important for new entrepreneurs. You have own your, since that is basically the equivalent to owning the land that you build your house on.

Additionally, if you can purchase your competitions land, you’re going to have the upper hand (no I don’t recommend investing in trademarked domains). Or if your competition owns your domain, you’ll learn how to get it back (if possible) and not overpay.

To give you some context on me, I’ve been a domain name investor for a few years and have sold a couple domains. I sold for $1900, and also sold early on,, and a few others.

My entire portfolio doesn’t make a ton of money being ‘parked’ each month, but does generate a little. Oh, you don’t know what parked is? I googled it for you.

Anyway, I’m always finding opportunities for fellow technology entrepreneurs to learn, so here’s some questions I asked Richard Lau, the founder of NamesCon:

1. What can an entrepreneur learn from NamesCon?

“There are many different lessons at hand, or in practice at NamesCon. I’d say the most important to an entrepreneur attending NamesCon is the opportunity to build your personal brand as well as your company brand. From the networking parties to actually manning a Table at Sunday’s Network Lane — any entrepreneur can catapult their brand at NamesCon. The accessibility of the industry players is amazing. We also make NamesCon an enjoyable atmosphere — one common thing you hear at NamesCon is “yes, I’m really working” — — life is too short to hate your work — domain names are fun and the community is welcoming.”

2. How can entrepreneurs get started in domain investing?

“I highly recommend the following formula: read, listen, interact and network. Read the industry blogs, listen to the podcasts and interviews, interact on the forums and network in real life at the conferences. ICANN’s conference in November in India is inaccessible to many but they often have more accessible locations. Of course, NamesCon is in Las Vegas which is by design easy to get to and easy on the travel budget.”

3. What’s the best domain you’ve invested in personally and why?

“That’s hard to say. It’s like asking to choose between your children! and are likely the best domains I’ve invested in personally, and is sold so those returns have been realized, while is my current diamond. I have plans for it, but am waiting for the right time, team and capital required to develop it.”

Make sure to Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas in Jan! To buy tickets, go to

Oh, and if you can’t make it here’s some of my favorite resources:
1. Helps you search what domains are available while typing.
2. ‘Parks’ my domains so they monetize the web traffic that the most popular ones are already getting.
3. This is a great place to list your domain names for sale. I believe they take a commission in exchange for calling interested parties so you don’t have to be the one in charge of closing deals.

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