Tip of the Week for Single Founders

I’m talking about the entrepreneurs that don’t have co-founders, not ones without a significant other. Nor am I promising a tip every single week.

Maintaining a killer personal brand separate from your business brand is essential for those looking to networking both on and offline.

So if posting content consistently isn’t your problem, I’m going share what I did to keep my personal brand and business brand separate.

-With different profiles and passwords on both laptop & mobile, a growing problem for me was staying logged in and consistent with my business while maintaining my personal brand.

Tip of the Week: Buy a used iPod Touch or a dedicated smartphone that is exclusively for business accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and more).

Here’s why you need a dedicated device:

1. It holds you accountable for your business’s brand to be independent when your startup is at a young age.

2. It’s an easy device to pass off to a friend or part-time team member when you’re busy but want to be socially active (like when I was hosting Startup Denver).

3. When I hire another full-time employee, it’s cool that they get electronics with the new job. In fact, startups should just include cell phone accounts for their team members anyway.

Hope this helps! If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, ask me questions at Matt Holmes (@handshakin) | Twitter

Originally published at www.handshakin.com.