Why Entrepreneurs Must Publish a Book (and How-to)

So you quit your job, you’re working on your startup and your old co-workers basically see you as unemployed. Not a startup founder. Investors aren’t taking you seriously because they’re asking why you think you are the right founder to take your idea to market. Aren’t others more qualified? You know where I’m going with this, right?

Writing and publishing a book related to your niche will elevate you to level of credibility that will ease the stress and hurdles of your newly launched entrepreneurial journey.

So first, let’s talk 3 benefits of writing a book before you have a profitable startup.

  1. You have an excuse to ask big dogs their opinion. While I was writing my book, I had a strong reason to build my relationship with venture capitalist Brad Feld, while simultaneously showing him I was able to execute ideas. His opinion is incredible valuable — I had interviewed only 17 people before Brad on the video series and his lessons confirmed many of the themes on how successful entrepreneurs build personal relationships with mentors and their network.
  2. You truly learn more about your niche. Although the founder of Ibotta, Bryan Leach, didn’t have time for a formal Handshakin interview, he did make time to answer my questions via email. Ibotta is one of the 20 most frequently used mobile applications in the US. Bryan is 2015 EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Including your community leader’s opinions in your book will teach you extremely valuable lessons related to your niche.
  3. You can show your community your ability to execute. In writing your book, you’re going to want to get a lot of people involved. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to build relationships, helping others gain credibility by inquiring for their expertise on things like editing or design. As you write, re-write, edit, re-edit, and finally publish your book, you will not only show your ability to see a project through and work with others to do so but, you will have also increased your network and personal relationships.

Next, let’s talk the best strategies on ensuring you crank your book out quickly and do indeed publish it in a timely manner.

  • Past Handshakin Guest Andre Durand told me that ‘the entrepreneurs job is to create environments that hold him or her accountable.’
  • So put some money on the line and sign up for Self-Publishing School by Chandler Bolt (or just watch the 4 FREE videos)
  • Ask the individuals contributing to hold you accountable to your work and see if they need support doing the same.
  • Publish a short read before you publish your book. There’s nothing more comfortable than publishing a book on Amazon when you’ve basically already done it with a ‘short read.’ I packaged six of my blog posts into a book format, gave it a dedication and book cover, and published it here. That way, I knew what to expect when attempted to submit my first real book, here.
  • Create an Author account on Amazon and use their pre-order feature. The ultimate Minimum Viable Product (MVP) also gives you a deadline to work with. Warning: They allow you to push it back a little, but if you miss that deadline, they’ll tell everyone who pre-ordered it that you didn’t make your deadline. I bet that’s a situation Andre Durand would create to ensure success.

Are you the type of entrepreneur that can execute publishing a book on your niche? We’re looking for individuals of your commitment and we want to help you launch your startup. Apply to the Handshakin Pre-accelerator today.

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Originally published at www.handshakin.com.