How does crowding affect the way we interact with others?

Manipulated image by Adam Magyar

The Premise

A day in the life in major cities, millions of strangers can be found passing within inches of each other — in subway stations, sidewalks, on public streets. We are a network of strangers moving in such close proximity that occasionally it becomes a dehumanized experience. In these fleeting moments spent in interstitial spaces, we find ourselves detached from the present state of where we are amongst the human swarm.

The Idea

This installation explores how crowded cities influence our sense of personal space, through a real-time interactive environment that tracks our spatial data. …

The cloud of looming death

One may consider its existence insignificant, sometimes even meaningless; yet it is one that keeps a compulsive housewife up all night.

Barely visible to the naked eye it dances in the air, with its movements choreographed even by the slightest of wind. On an idle morning, under the sunlight we may catch a glimpse of its granite nothingness, floating as if with carefree lightness, and gradually cascading to a forgotten surface where lies a bed of its own familiar shade of grey. …

A facial recognition book that traces your identity

Social Networks and Data Surveillance

With the proliferation of social networks and data tracking, the wisdom of computer algorithms and surveillance mobs has been elevated over the locked-in immortality of individuals. — Jaron Lanier

The Idea

As you browse through the interactive book for the first time, the camera uses facial recognition to pair your profile with data tracked through search engines. The book draws a back-end algorithm and fills in the blank of the narrative with your name, age, gender, location and birth date. As the story unfolds with each turn of a page, you realize that this is a story about you.

Processing sketches

Enabling Technology

Using Rekognition…

Heartbreak is one of the greatest motivations for humanity to become greater than themselves. Especially so when we least expect it to happen.

Heartbreak is as literal as it gets — your heart getting broken. But it is not always achievable at its full effect. It takes one to invest all of himself to another, wholly. In all disparity of selfish reasons. Only then can the impact of rejection be heart shattering. Regardless how much one can anticipate and put up a defense against heartbreak, it exists on all terms of being ruthless. Usually, it wins. And then, it becomes life changing.

The beginning of a relationship sometimes can be casually slipped into, from mutual liking straight into comfort zone. But endings, it takes courage to walk away. Knowing that you’d survive even after you’ve left it all behind.


I’m an interactive art director who’s fascinated by science fiction. Here’s some examples of how I apply design thinking with technology.

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