5 Ways to Get BACK ON TRACK after Vacation!

5 Ways to Get BACK ON TRACK after Vacation!

By Handstand Personal Trainer, Mary D.

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It’ll happen again. That post-vacation anxiety & guilt. You spent months & countless hours in the gym, spinning, running, yoga-ing; you’ve spent more time with your trainer than your significant other, friends & family combined so that you could feel & look your best in your summer vacation photos. You haven’t eaten carbs, sugar, dairy, or pretty much anything that usually makes life worth living.

You promised yourself you would exercise willpower during vacation; you would start each day with a jog along the beach, squats on the balcony, & order a fresh fruit plate for breakfast every morning. But somehow that master plan took a nosedive. Now it feels like you just undid the last 8,000 hours of working out in 1 week. It seems impossible but your scale says otherwise.

Handstand Personal Trainer, Mary

Your vacation was great and much needed, now let’s get you back on track!

What do you do?

1. Relax.

There’s no way you can realistically undo weeks/months of work in one vacation. I get it, you massively overindulged, you ate more chips & guac than seems physically possible, you drank margaritas & ate dessert with every meal, and the only sweat you broke was digging through your beach bag for your sunglasses or the 10 minutes you had to wait in the sun for your gelato. It’s OK! You’re allowed! It’s vacation, after all, it’s supposed to be a break from your normal work & activities. Practice self-love & stop putting ridiculous restrictions on yourself, live your life! Eat alllllll the chips.

2. Don’t do anything drastic.

It’s common to come back and want to super kick start yourself back on some uber restrictive cleanse & insanely rigorous fitness regime. If you’re abiding by the first rule above, then you know there’s no reason to punish yourself for enjoying your vacation and letting loose a bit- or a lot! You’re already probably experiencing some post-vaca blues, no need to pour salt on the wound by starving yourself & going too hard, too fast in the gym. Telling yourself you’re going to get back on track by drinking nothing besides lemon water & maple syrup & working out twice a day is unrealistic for many. Set yourself up for success, not failure.

Handstand Personal Trainer, Mary

3. Lighten up!

A French friend of mine told me that when the French over indulge, they don’t starve themselves & work out for hours afterward; instead they just “lighten”. Lighten each meal, cut back slowly, lighten the workload on your digestive track. After a high fat, high sugar, booze fueled diet, your digestive system could use a little break. Think of your post-vacation diet as an opportunity to nurture & rebalance yourself. Chop up fresh fruit & mint leaves, brew a pitcher of iced yogi detox tea, try out some new green smoothie ideas, replace one of your normal meals with a healthier lighter option, and cut down on the sodium. Practice self-compassion & self-care by easing yourself back into your healthy lifestyle, meal by meal, day by day.

4. Slow & Steady wins the race.

Integrate yourself back into your workout routine gently, and don’t risk injury by going back too hard, too soon. Even though the number on the scale may terrify you, most of the extra lbs reflected, are just water weight. All the extra sodium & alcohol contributes to bloating & can greatly increase that number on the scale. Take in a sauna or steam room sesh to sweat out all that extra sodium & toxins, do some gentle yoga, and take a morning or twilight walk around your neighborhood. Do little things that get you moving again but don’t require tons of motivation & energy. Just know that you’ll get back on track slow and steady.

Handstand Personal Trainer, Mary

5. Get rest!

Most of us come back from vacation feeling like we need another vacation. Getting back on track with work, family, life, in general, can be overwhelming. Especially with a time difference & jet lag! If you’re already fatigued & sleep deprived, skip the workout & snooze. Form, effort, & focus suffer when you’re overtired & that’s when injuries occur, so remember the big picture & make rest a priority.

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