Handstand’s Top Fitness Trainer Interview with Anna!

Handstand knows that a top fitness trainer makes all the difference in someone’s active life and health habits. Additionally, we know that these fitness trainer professionals are leading the industry forward and are filled with the best knowledge, tips, and more. So we decided we would highlight every single one so you can see what we see in them!

Continue on to read our interview with Anna P. below, book a session, and let us know what other questions you’d love to see on here!

Handstand: If you weren’t a fitness trainer, what would you be?

Anna: I would be a Jewelry designer!

Handstand: What is your favorite fitness tip you like to share with clients?

Anna: Water before coffee or tea in the morning provides oxygen straight to the muscles and body.

Handstand: If you were a song, which would you be?

Anna: I would be the Lady Gaga song, ‘Body’!

Handstand: What is the highest compliment you could get from your client?

Anna: I have to say besides the compliments I get on my looks, I get complimented on my drive, motivation and enthusiasm!

Handstand: Who is your celebrity crush?

Anna: French Montana!

Handstand: What is the most commonly asked question you get?

Anna: When will I do a fitness competition?

Handstand: What is your favorite body part?

Anna: My stomach.

Handstand: What is the exercise you like to do most on your own?

Anna: Lunges.

Handstand: What is the funniest or most ridiculous health/fitness myth you’ve ever heard as a fitness trainer?

Anna: That if you workout you can eat anything!? … no it takes diet and exercise to stay healthy!

Handstand: What is your favorite part of Handstand?

Anna: Handstand is easy, professional and accessible all at the same time! Love it!

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