Life of the Future

Think you’re attached to your phone now? Just wait…

The struggle over multiple accounts, bad UI, and your fragmented digital life are about to be a thing of the past. In will be your smartphone, the one device that will control every other device you want. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your smartphone already supplements and replaces much of your world but it’s going to control nearly every device you own in the very near future.

The silicon in your device today already does more than computers in the 90s could ever dream of and while it seems like there’s not much else it could improve, its going to just go all napoleon and expand.

Yes, that means in just a few years, your phone will take over your TV, computer (at home and work), your car and nearly every device this IoT is hoping to connect.

One device that is your TV, your computer, your smarthome guts, storing all your files from work and play, all accessible anytime, anywhere, because it’s in your pocket.

When you arrive to work, all you’ll do is place you phone down on your desk’s wireless charger, which will also bring up your phone on your work’s computer, complete with everything you’ve been working on. When you need to go in the middle of a videoconference, you can simply close your computer and it’ll automatically switch to your phone so you may take it with you.

Your phone is the computer

Getting in your car, there will be no more crappy infotainment system, but just your phone in “car mode” on your vehicles screen. Inputting directions will be just having them on your phone and it will be wirelessly shown on your car's screen.

A similar story is awaiting you at home. Your TV will just be a large screened version of your phone. Your favorite content will always be ready to play while anyone else in the house will have an equally customized ready-to-play option as well. This is bring the fight over what to watch to a whole new level.

You can already see glimpses of this in today’s world.

You can broadcast your android phone or tablet to a TV using a Chromecast. Both Google and Apple have offerings in the vehicle and both are fiercely competing for the standard of the smarthome with Project Brillo and HomeKit, respectively.

Wireless Charging by IKEA

With these structures in place, it's only a matter of time. Wireless networks will be getting stronger and more efficient. Phones are going to continue getting faster with Moore’s law, building potential for more control with a single device. Even Ikea has their own offering putting wireless chargers in coffee tables and nightstands readying for your smartphone addiction to only grow.

Expect Apple, Google, and even Microsoft to make less a deal about what their phones can do independently and more what they can do to supplement the world around you.

Hold on to your phone, it's only going to get more essential.

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