Lonzo and Lavar Ball might just change the game

When Nike Exec George Raveling said “Lavar Ball was the worst thing to happen in basketball in 100 years”…I smelled the jig….I smelled envy…I smelled fear…

Fear is now here

The Sneaker Wars have now begun

Big Baller Brand went BIG BALLER on the price point costing a mere $495…

Mind you that’s a lot of shekels for a Basketball shoe…but BBB may have started a wave.

Now mind you in a black culture that buys high end Gucci and Balenciaga shoes that cost way more then the BBB’s this has caused quite a stir. People are saying the price is way to high.

The Shine just doesnt want to see a Black man succeed in the establishment’s lane.

I have seen shines spend WAY more money for Bottles in a night at a night club. To balk at the price in our culture is hypocritical… Do I have to mention the money that is thrown in the air in strip clubs?

Big Baller Brand had to start that high…

Remember Master P sneakers?

Remember Starbury sneakers?

Remember Shaq sneakers?

All low cost shoes and with the exception of Starbury their sales run didn't last long at all.

The Balls figured out something they didnt know. You can’t go cheap with the American Negro. They went higher than the highest Jordan and below all the European designer shoes. Genius move…..

Now its all up to Lonzo…if he balls out then BBB can do some damage out here. If not at least they tried.

George Raveling from Nike was right being this was the worst thing to happen in Basketball in 100 years. Because if Big Baller Brand succeeds….

George Raveling and a lot of people from Nike will be looking for a new job.