Miss USA proves once again being ‘Black’ is how you think not what you are.

1st and foremost I would like to say congratulations to Miss Kara McCullough. Miss DC pulled home the big prize last night as winner of Miss USA pageant. you would think in the age of identity politics this beautiful sista would have outstanding support from Black America..Right?



Kara McCullough, who isa 25-year-old scientist (talk about beauty and brains) broke the Black American groupthink.. All because she thinks healthcare is a priviliege not a right and feminism is for the birds.

See in the black community you can get excommunicated pretty quickly….Marry a white women, vote republican or in this case have your own opinion. How can you be called a ‘coon’ when discussing something that is not even race related? The Mindset of the American Negro in 2017 is at all time low. I am high key disgusted

Stop trying to put every black person in America into a box Black America. Why lose an asset because you disagree on a few things you can live with.

In other words

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater