The weather on the exquisite June evening when I found out that the American Public Media show Live From Here was going to be canceled was exactly like the night a year earlier when I’d attended the show in person on a lawn with hundreds — probably thousands — of other people. Going to a concert alone for the first time was a turning point in my healing after having recently separated from my husband.

The weather was again the same perfect temperature this past Saturday, the last night my local radio station would broadcast the show, which was created…

Every year, I cringe in the face of social media posts showing delightfully charming Mother’s Day drawings children have made or amazing meals they’ve cooked or flowers they’ve arranged or gifts they’ve created.

Not gonna happen around these parts, I think.

It’s not like I’ve never gotten any appreciation from my children. For the most part they’re good kids. And this year I did get a card from one of them.

But celebrations are not something we’ve ever done well. And now that I’ve had my second year of Mother’s Day as a single mom, I’m asking anew:

Who’s supposed…

If parents ever thought they could predict how their kids might respond to a stress or a joy, all bets are off in the time of #parentinginapandemic.

All the weirdnesses caused by sheltering in place are wreaking havoc on my children’s emotions and their abilities to self-regulate. I have no idea what is causing what, or what will have a positive or negative reaction. I have to be ready for anything.

Take today, for example, when my 9-year-old smashed her iPad down onto the dining table at 10:13 a.m., shattering her breakfast plate.

broken plate on placemat
broken plate on placemat

The day had not appeared to already…

Less than a week into mass social distancing in response to the novel coronavirus, the Indigo Girls spent 90 minutes the evening of March 19 singing and telling stories to viewers in a generous online concert that brought together many of the people who would no longer be able to see the duo in person this touring season. As the concert reached its penultimate number, the group’s signature “Closer to Fine,” the number of viewers climbed to 63K, at which Facebook crashed and some thirty thousand viewers tumbled off the page.

Before that, it was pure bliss. From a humble…

Jessica Haney

Jessica Claire Haney writes about parenting, creativity, nature and health/wellness. IG @jessicaclairehaney Twitter @crunchychewy

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