Poodle Haney Presale: A Journey in Two Stages

Poodle Haney
2 min readJun 3, 2024


To the Poodle Haney Community,

The much-anticipated journey of the Poodle Haney presale is about to commence, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with each and every one of you! This presale unfolds in two distinct stages, each offering its own set of unique opportunities and rewards.

Stage 1: Cultivating Community & Engaging Events (June 15th — July 14th)

In this initial stage, we invite you to delve deeper into the essence of our project. Through a series of carefully curated events and activities, we aim to foster a vibrant and cohesive Poodle Haney community. Whether it’s through interactive discussions, insightful webinars, or creative challenges, there’s something for everyone to participate in. We eagerly anticipate your involvement as we collectively shape the future of Poodle Haney together.

Stage 2: Presale Launch(July 15th ~)

Once Stage 1 draws to a close, the much-anticipated presale for acquiring HANEY tokens will officially commence via our dedicated website. This phase presents an exclusive opportunity for early investors to secure their stake in the Poodle Haney ecosystem.

DEX Listing Price

Following the conclusion of the presale, the HANEY token will make its debut on decentralized exchanges (DEX) at a listing price of $0.0002. Early investors stand to benefit from acquiring tokens at a preferential rate, setting the stage for potential future gains.

For a comprehensive overview of the presale process and further details, we encourage you to visit the Poodle Haney website. Your unwavering enthusiasm and support are the driving forces behind our journey, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every member of our community.

Together, let’s transform dreams into reality with Poodle Haney.

Warm regards,

The Poodle Haney Dream Team