Pieces of my thought — 1

It’s Tet holiday in Vietnam, and I have a a full 7 days for reflection. Against the tradion, instead of flying home with party by party, I decided to spend this Tet in Saigon where I would have 2 consecutive days of solitude.

Looking back the year, the emotional roller coaster gave me all: love, gratitude, sharing, admired to hatred, jealous, backstabbed, revenge…to name a few. But after all, when I’m here, sitting at the middle of my couch, nothing is clear to me anymore but the glass of wine I’m drinking, the sweetness of the apple piece I’m eating, the beautiful melody of Max Richter’s melodies playing on my speaker. And I ask myself what is the point of such emotions? Are they real? Or just my own illusion?

By any accident, Arrival is my very last movie to watch in the Lunar New Year eve, and it is definitely my top of choices to describe about my 2016. Beyond the phenomenal storytelling techniques, I find the movie really compelling as it is pretty relevant to what I’m keep thinking about for years.

What struck me the most about the movie? The non-linear of time, the arrival of Alien or us ourselves? Is the main question of movie “ What is your purpose coming to Earth” for the Alien or ourselve? What if the way we are born is just an other explaination of The Creator like Alien’s Arrival, from nowhere but here.

What if you have a mission at your “Arrival” on Earth? Would you find out?