First off harden is not necessarily bad off the ball, he just isnt at his best when is off the…
Charles Tyler

  1. Sure, Harden would be better with the ball in his hands all the time. But that doesn’t mean the Rockets are better with him handling the ball all the time vs. him and CP3 sharing those duties.
  2. Spacing is still going to be there. Chris Paul shot over 40% from deep and he hasn’t been working with the spacing that the Rockets have either. You’re overlooking Harden’s high turnovers, imo the Rockets biggest problem, and Chris Paul is the best at taking care of the ball. As far as the bench, the only bench player in this trade that played in the playoffs is Lou Williams. Sucks to lose him, but Morey still has $11 million to spend.
  3. Sure, but he’s still a top 15 player and that contract hasn’t been signed yet. You can’t just waste Harden’s prime by being risk-averse and Morey knows it. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but in the short-term, this puts the Rockets ahead of the Spurs. Plus Morey still has room to fill out the bench.
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