My Digital Story Start Up

The option I’m choosing for my Digital Story is College, Self, & Community. I wasn’t much of a participator in getting involved in the community around me because of my introverted personality. So I decided to do a story about me getting more involved in groups or organizations in the campus. How I would like to gather information for this digital story is through friends and mentors. I would also like to gather information through the groups that I joined. Some initial research questions that could relate to my auto-ethnography are: “How was I like before and after we became close?”, “How others think of me?”, “Am I doing a good job of involving myself within the community I’m surrounded by?”, and “Are there anyone like me out there?”

I’m actually not sure if this is the one I want to do and stick with but for now, this option seems like the best. I actually don’t talk a lot at all and I’m trying to change that about myself. So that’s why I think that doing a digital story about my involvement with the community will be a better choice. It’s harder to improve yourself if you don’t have anything motivating you so I think that if I use this Digital Storytelling as a motivation, I can become more outgoing.

I was told that in college, you have to be the one to make the steps to improve your college life. You can’t gain experiences if you don’t go seek out for them and you can’t gain friends if you don’t make an effort. I also want to ask questions to myself of how I think I improved after all the things I got myself involved in. And do I think that I improved or that I’m still the same.

I also believe that if you want to receive more help, you have to get some connections. I think that’s why getting involved with the community can be a good change for me. One thing I’m worried about is if I fail this plan of mines and can’t successfully make a change that will be an impactful digital story. Because I’m not doing service learning, I feel that doing a digital story is more difficult. It’s because it feels like although there are a lot of options to choose from, at the same time there’s not. Most of what college life seems like is classes and homework, similar to high school, but you’re surrounded by a bigger area so that’s a much more challenging situation.

And to write this story, I’m not sure if I want to post up pictures but if I find it necessary or if it’s required, I guess I will. So far I’m not doing much as it still feels like the first week so I hope that as more time passes, I slowly achieve some of the goals I planned so that I can write down my accomplishment for this digital story.

To be able to make a good digital story, I’m also planning on exploring this website a little more. I find that it’s harder to find out where everything is when it gets near the due date so I will start checking it out early. If I have anymore questions to post up or ask by then, I will make a new post and list them so that I know what I need to ask in order to make a good digital story.

The biggest reason why I’m doing a digital story is because of my class CLA 1005. I find that it’ll be helpful in getting me engaged, involved, and learning more about just college or so in general. I hope that I can take great use of this project and if it fun instead of just doing a project for class. I would like it if it’s a project for me because it was enjoyable also for it’s suppose to last for the whole semester.