Digital Story Rough Cut
Paulina Heng

Point: How you’re going to start your digital story. You used a seed as an example which was great in keeping one’s attention to what you’re going to say.

Dramatic Question: There wasn’t a dramatic question but a great quote used instead.

Emotion: I was not really emotionally engaged until I heard the more upbeat music later in your video. That moment made me feel like the rest of what you had to say was going to make an impact to me and other viewers.

Voice: My impressions of your voice was that you spoke too fast for your rhythm and pacing. Your tone was great though. It would have been better if you spoke in the beginning of your video so you don’t sound so rushed.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack was a sort of upbeat music that sounded soft in the beginning. Was it appropriate for the story the story because it made you felt the beginning of her start her in college. For the soundtrack, I do not have any recommendation, it was great.

Economy: The images I saw was her religion, her, a landscape picture for her quote, desks, seeds, and a tree plant. There doesn’t seem to be anything missing but some things do need to get added in later to your video. For example, your experiences should be added onto it about what impacted you or happened.

Pacing: The pacing of the story worked quite well. I just found that you spoke quite fast throughout your video and later in your digital story will just have to speak slower.

Additional comments: I wasn’t sure what you wanted to say about your digital story so it’ll be great to let viewers know in the final version, like it so far though!

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