Digital story draft 1
Kalil Toure

Your Name:_____________________________

Videographer’s Name:_____________________________________

Point: The point of the digital story was your start at the U of M. You made that clear towards the end of your video.

Dramatic Question: There was no dramatic questions but instead great music to keep one’s attention to your video although you should add something like a question, statement or quote in the beginning for better attention in your final version.

Emotion: I wasn’t sure when I was engaged but the music, once again, did help me get into the mood. That made me feel excited because your choice of music was great for what you were going to say.

Voice: My impressions of the your voice was that you had a great tone other than the sudden quieting of your speaking at the end of your video. Your rhythm and pacing was on track.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack was a upbeat one that sounded perfect with how his images are portrayed in the video. I say those two combined together was a perfect fit.

Economy: The images I saw mostly consisted of you so that was a great choice. Nothing seemed to be missing. Later on in your final version, just add your experiences in it also and I loved how you kept with your white and black theme making it not all over the place.

Pacing: You seem to have great pacing. You didn’t speak too fast or too slow and had the viewers understanding what you where saying.

Additional comments: Around 0:20, it seems like you were cutted off abruptly other than that, your video was fun to watch!