Will I ever cross your path again?

There is a line of a AKB48 song that always makes me shiver.


And roughly translated:

“Will us two meet again somewhere?
 The street corner from my memories
 is too full of people.”

The line hits me every time I hear it. As I grow older, I’ve had close friends who later become the ‘people I used to know’. At the graduation, we shook hands and hugged each other while saying, “we should hang out later!”

But then we separate path. We meet new people and get overwhelmed of the things we’ve never seen and experienced before.

Slowly, “later” become “never”.

I’ve taken the cycle as a part of life. A sad part of life.

At that corner of my memories, sometimes I try to reach out to you. But that corner is more crowded than the Shibuya intersection. I just cannot find you in there. You are lost.

And maybe that is what happened to you. Maybe I got lost in the middle of the crowd of your memories.

May I cross your path again, soon.

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