Quarter Life Crisis or Quarter Life Opportunity?

The struggle to live up to our parents expectations, define ourselves career-wise and identify what our real values are, as we move from our 20’s into our 30’s, has become known as the “Quarter Life Crisis.”

Like many conditions it affects some of us more than others, often causing depression and anxiety, preventing us from getting the best out of ourselves. But, with the right coaching and approach, it can also be a positive and transformational experience, then it will become a “Quarter Life Opportunity”.

I would argue that people who are 24 like me (or slightly younger or older) have quite a bit to be concerned about these days. Not only does this age group encompass recent college graduates, but they also include people who want to get married soon or are newlyweds. It includes people who, just a few years ago, were dependent on parents but who are now trying hard to be independent.

Many of us are putting off getting married until our careers are secure. We are putting off having children until we are “really sure” we can actually afford them. We don’t know when we will be laid off. Or, worse, we don’t know when we’ll ever get a job. We’ve had to move back in with parents, and we’ve had to pay back astounding amounts of student loan debt.

The Quarter Life Crisis should not be regarded as a negative experience; it is about questioning what you have created in your life already, and asking yourself if you could achieve more by choosing different goals or career paths.

I have refrained myself from labeling this as a quarter-life crisis not only because I am still 6 months short, but also in the wake of my disbelief to such sights.

In spite of that, I had come into realisation that a quarter-life crisis is perhaps what I am going through at the moment – or perhaps not. Okay, let’s reflect myself. What do I have today that I didn’t have few years ago? What the achievements that I got? What is my dream and my future job?

Last year, I graduated from university and such an honour for me that I had the opportunity to be the best graduate and gave speech on my graduation. After I had graduated I become a research assistant in Cardiology Division, Department of Internal Medicine, in RSCM Jakarta. I got my opportunities to make a publication for research study and case report. One of my work, case report entitled, “Million Ways to Kiss Rome: Verapamil for Refractory Coronary Vasospasm" was published in Asia PCR 2016 in Singapore and was presented there by dr. Yamin, interventional cardiologist in RSCM on interactive case lecture.

Now, I worked as a medical intern at RS Kanudjoso Djatiwibowo Balikpapan. This is my first experience that I live far away from home and my family. I didn’t choose to work here, I chose to work in Jakarta. I chose to work in Jakarta not only because I can not live far from my parents and my family, but also to repress my family outcomes, prepare for my parents' retirement. I do the research here with one of internist here, about Relationship of Hemodialysis in End Stage Renal Disease with Blood Pressure. Then, right now I take an IELTS preparation course for study abroad next year in Imperial College London to take a magister science in Preventive Cardiology. I chose that subject because cardiovascular disease is one of the top 10 causes of death, and to reduce mortality rate and increase the quality of life of cardiovascular patients, I have to learn about multifactorial risk and the theory of prevention of cardiovascular disease.

All of those are my plans to be an internist. I want to be an internist with holistic approach, that’s why I plan to take a master of preventive cardiology first before study an internal medicine.

Once we’ve become aware that we are living in a truly defining period of our lives, every decision we have to make feels potentially life-changing. This also means that we get to shape our lives the way we want it to be, and we get to do it now.

I believe that our future depends on our attitude, not depends on what we have. So, if you do things consistently according to your dreams, the quarter life crisis period becomes the quarter life opportunity.