How To Redesign Your Mind


Well, no doubts that your mind is the best weapon there is. Right, Rambo?

Just how powerful it is?

Think about this: What shirt are you wearing now? What kind of jeans are you wearing? Why you wear those?

Probably your answers would be like, “I like to wear plaid shirts” or “My wife told me to wear it”, that would be another story. Anyhow, the real answer is you CHOOSE to.

You choose that shirt, that jeans, that glasses which looks like from the 80’s. You choose.

You can choose because of what your brain can do. Your brain can do a lot of things. But don’t use it only on deciding which shirt you’re gonna wear for today. Use it bigger than that because your brain is bigger than that.

According to Salk Institute, the researchers made a highly detailed digital reconstruction of the brain tissue found in a rat’s hippocampus, a region of the brain known to play an integral role in long-term memory. At the smallest scale, the researchers were surprised to find that about 10 percent of neurons had two synapses connecting them to other neurons (the remaining 90 percent had just one synapse). And though the sizes of these synapses only varied by about 8 percent, the researchers determined that there were 26 different sizes of synapses throughout the hippocampus. That means that, in computer terms, each synapse could store an average of 4.7 bits; spread throughout the brain, that would be about 1 petabyte. [source]

However, thinking of something wouldn’t change anything. You’ve got to do it too. And the only thing you need to do is repetition.

Repetition is useful to form a habit from small activity to finally change your entire DNA. Because when you’re consistent on doing one thing everyday, from daily activity which it will become time activity. Your brain doesn’t have to tell your body anymore, you just be doing it already.

David Beckham’s famous free kick didn’t just come out of the blue. He said, “I must have taken tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands [of free kicks]. I would go to the local park, place the ball on the ground and aim at the wire meshing over the window of a small community hut.”

And look where it has gotten him now.