Cloud has surely taken the world by storm. Do you know that the computer intelligence data set of Aberdeen Group says that we will have 1.6 billion+ permutations to choose from the cloud computing solutions?

You don’t really have to be in the field of IT for using the cloud. It can be any market whether networking, telephony, storage, applications, servers, apps or virtualization, as cloud computing technology is being used everywhere.

Even Forbes have made a predication that 90% of the mobile traffic from across the world will come from the cloud apps by 2019!


The Aberdeen Group has conducted a recent study that shows 64% of the CIOs think within the next 2 years, the cloud is going to greatly impact their business.

69% of the CIOs are planning on spending a large proportion of their budget on the cloud technology.

Your success lies in your own hands. But for that, you have to be careful in choosing the cloud solution because there are three of them available i.e.,

  1. Private cloud
  2. Hybrid cloud
  3. Public cloud

Each type of cloud has a different purpose to serve. There are certain points that you have to consider to choose the perfect solution for your business. Firstly, you have to have a good understanding of your business requirements. Secondly, you must recognize the value of the data to your business. Thirdly, you need to consider the costs related to downtime, upgrade, maintenance and internal resources. Then you must analyze the operation and the commercial benefits of the cloud host you are about to choose. Last, but not the least, you have to look for the needs of tomorrow today.

How Does Cloud Benefit Me?

Now this is the question that would probably be haunting every person, regardless of having a business or not.

Time is running out. If you haven’t yet moved to the cloud, you have missed the benefits of scalability, security, innovation, reduced cost, time-saving benefit, flexibility and improved business administration.

Have You Still Not Moved to Cloud?

If so, then you are missing a world of opportunities. Let’s see what these opportunities offered by the cloud are:

  • Your business team lacks coordination. When a project is being handled by different teams and they are using the same kind of data, it is an absolute necessity to keep the data updated. If the data is not updated regularly then the team can never complete different phases of the project on time.
  • That leads to the ineffective use of data because you are not using a sophisticated cloud storage service for the first time.
  • Your business data is not secure despite the fact that you are spending millions of dollars to prevent security breaches.
  • The worst of all, you are bearing unnecessary expenses and you could be missing out huge profit proportions. The SMBs which are using cloud are 26 percent faster in their growth and 21% profitable.

There is a lot more that cloud has to offer to the business owners. The infographics given above shows a clear picture of all the benefits.

via Vancouver Digital Marketing Consultants | Hanif Sipai