How To Prepare Your Website For The Mobile Takeover

You might already know that mobile internet access has now overtaken the traditional desktop. But, what you might not know, is that mobile access is continuing its enormous ascent. In fact, experts predict that mobile will almost eclipse desktop access by 2017. The biggest reason for this is that an entire generation of internet users are skipping desktop access entirely. Countries like China and India are adopting the mobile phone, without ever even using a laptop. This mobile takeover is fast approaching. Is your website ready for it?

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Responsive design

Responsive design has been the single most talked-about aspect of web design for nearly five years. But, only now is it being adopted on a vast scale. Essentially, responsive design means that you website snaps and responds to whatever device opens it. In other words, it will look perfect on a laptop, tablet, and mobile device. If you’ve built your own site, most modern templates do integrate a responsive design. But, if you haven’t updated your design in a couple of years, it’s worth taking the time to check.

Mobile SEO

Search engine optimization has always been a hot topic. But now, it’s more important than ever. Optimizing for mobile is a whole different ball game to regular SEO. It starts by ensuring that your website is fully prepared for mobile use. Is it responsive, fast, and equipped for Javascript and mobile images? Secondly, consider local search. Remember, people on mobile devices are searching for services close to them. If this all sounds confusing to you, consider hiring professional SEO consultants to help optimize your site.

App building

A huge proportion of existing mobile internet access is done through apps. Again, this figure is set to increase as we go forward. It’s not always the case of choosing between a mobile website or an app. You can have both; each with their unique offerings. Try creating an app that complements your existing service. Use it to add value, or highlight a particularly useful part of your website. You can have a lot of fun with an app. Try gamifying it or using geolocation features.

Social network integration

Understand that social media drives the mobile web. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the cornerstones of mobile web traffic. It’s up to you to come up with a strategy that integrates these essential aspects. Think about the way you’re currently using social media. Think about the content you post. Is it easily digested on a mobile device?

Rethink your product

This is a drastic suggestion, but it’s worth including before we leave. As the mobile world takes over, consider whether your product is still suitable to a predominantly mobile audience. It might be time to revisit the drawing board, and make subtle tweaks to your product. You need only look at the example of Blackberry, who steadfastly refused to adapt to the new mobile world around them.
 The mobile revolution is coming. In fact, it’s already here, and moving fast. It’s up to you to make sure your business is ready!


Originally published at on November 13, 2015.