Every individual who is in the field of marketing is now aware of the new generation off internet users known by the name MILLENNIALS. They take about 87.5 million population of America and they are basically people between the ages of 18 and 29. All the internet marketers, we have brought you valuable information that will help you in successfully marketing to the millennials.

This new generation is a lot different as compared to the baby boomers and generation X. if you are ignoring this generation, then you are making a huge mistake. No matter what view you have regarding the millennials, they are a wide number of population in most of the developed and of course developing countries. Yes, we also know by as Generation Y. But one thing is true, they don’t shop like their predecessors.

Common traits of Millennials

  • They are not moved by the traditional forms of advertising. They are more into digital marketing.
  • Even if they are not buying a product online, they tend to sue the internet to look for reviews about the product and do some homework before they are ready to make the final purchase.
  • Their buying behavior is less likely to be affected by the change in wealth
  • They like to engage with their favorite brands on the social networks like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • They are extremely brand loyal and they don’t switch just like that.

The Millennials Persona

The heart of the matter today is not HOW millennials view a product or a website, in fact, the heart of the matter is if they actually VISIT YOUR WEBSITE in the first place. If you truly want to understand their psychology, you have to figure out what they do on the internet the most. From different studies, we have come to the conclusion that millennials browse the internet for shopping, to engage via the social networks, look for latest movies, videos and shows, to look for a job and last but the least, to learn about the latest technologies and happenings throughout the world

Social Media Usage

Millennials are way too into social media as compared to generation X and Baby boomers.

  • 82 percent use social media to interact with brands
  • 49 percent follow their favorite brands on social media and 38 percent are involved in discovering new brands.

They use their smartphones, PC/laptops and tablets to do the research. They rely more on the internet to stay in touch with the latest happenings of the world unlike other generations that watch TV and listen to the radio to stay in touch with the world.

Spending and Shopping Behavior

Millennials are spending their incoming on socialization, education, clothes, food, and transportation. They like to use their computers and smartphones to shop for a product before making the final purchase.

marketers need to put more effort on creating websites that are

  • Mobile responsive and optimized
  • They must have social media presence
  • Blogs should be a part of the website
  • Personalize the purchase to make things attractive for the user

For detailed analysis on the psychology of a millennial, have a look at the infographic below:

The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials

via Vancouver Digital Marketing Consultants | Hanif Sipai http://ift.tt/2aWQh6Z

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