The Counter-Revolution Gang Blaze

The real threat to #Jan25 revolution isn’t the current glorious counter-revolution authority but the unrealistic surrealistic revolutionaries who were insisted and kept theorizing that #Jan25 revolution should remains without leadership, revolutionaries without a compass for adjusting directions and without a realistic applicable aims, #Jan25 slogans were already representing the minimal human rights like “freedom”, this like firing your house just to live under its roof!

Revolutionaries minority comes out of the revolution’s filter after filter, each filter was a situation that exposed stands between principles varied on a scale from the far left to the far right as seen a majority chose to stand by the far right while leftists filtered harshly, the blatant contradicted social classes of revolutionaries in the “missing” leadership classes and the social powers which were participating intensively in #June30 who paid the expensive price of the defeated unrealistic surrealistic revolutionaries.

The current counter-revolution authority takes the same road with the very similar steps like the late religious fascistic gang rule and the former secular capitalistic fascistic gang rule, so history repeats itself, every gang comes to power eliminates opposition, cutting tongues, trying to keep the ultimate power over the whole country, the dilemma is that Egypt has deepest roots of bureaucracy among the world’s countries while the motive of the current social opposition powers isn't anger but starving.

I’m still saying that Egypt still behind bars and this isn't a metaphor, this is very true and because truth is always obvious and clear as the sun light, the upcoming battles are very serious and revolutionaries should take every possible inch from the current counter-revolution authority, especially that not every alliance is allowed in the current momentum of oppressive practices and contradicted statements, the current colored opposition which decided to support the old regime’s capitalism and populism, this opposition is going to fade to the benefit of the new social power that will shape the new opposition which we hope it will be the real revolutionaries. To be continued…

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