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Handy Irawan

Wait, what?

A post about design?

I thought this is a blog about product management.

Hear me out. Yes this is a blog about product management, but don’t forget that a product manager’s job description lies at the intersection of various disciplines that exist in a product life cycle. And…

“Humans are the only creature on planet earth who spend their time pre-occupied with the future”

Do you realise that? No other living creature on earth share that behaviour. Animals and plants are basically only focused on staying alive, avoiding pain/seeking pleasure, and/or reproducing themselves. Fascinating, no?

That was the…

Ask any Product Manager you know, how important is market research for a product development process, almost unanimously they would answer very important. You can even say, without the validation from research and user feedback, any product we try to develop would quickly lose its relevancy. …

In the last post we talked about the good things that can happen when management does its job well. In this post we will take a turn to the dark side and see what it is like when we flip the scenario. …

What do you do with a pianist who plays badly?

You give him two sticks and make him the drummer.

What do you do with a drummer who plays badly?

You take away one stick and make him a conductor.

If you have a bit of background in music (like…

Product Manager is a strange role.

On one hand, they have a huge responsibility, to oversee a product’s development from start (often from ideation stage) all the way to distribution. In order to effectively coordinate the effort of the organisation, they need to know the product inside and out, though…

When i first started learning about Product Manager, one of the first question that popped into my head was ‘what exactly is product management?’ and a quick search on Google reveals that even for this basic, simple question, people have different opinions about it. …

Let’s start from the basics.

You might have heard of the saying, we don’t see the world as they are, but as we are.

It may sound like a new age-y sound bite, but there’s truth in that sentence. …

If you found this blog post. I’ve got 2 things to say to you:

First, congrats for finding the first blog post i created here.

Secondly: … why… ?

I will tell you my why, of making this post. This post is created to tell you my personal goal for…

Handy Irawan

An Indonesian who writes about product management, business, and stuff.

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