What’s Your Favorite Stress Purchase?
Megan Reynolds

Sephora… I walk in there and drop over $100/visit on creams, oils, masks, cleansers, eyeliner in one swoop. It’s like a beauty blackout (instead of a drinking blackout). I wake up and then I wonder how I manage to hit VIB Rouge status (2 years running!) and keep a running hoard of over 1500 points. I’ve got a decent amount of disposable income so the money isn’t the problem — it’s the bathroom storage situation that’s embarassing.

On a less frequent interval this happens at Lululemon when the stress is body-image related. I’ll buy a new pair of leggings by convincing myself this is the motivator for FINALLY attending pilates class more than sporadically.

If I have a big event coming up (or a job interview), I’ll also stress-purchase a new dress or pair of shoes even though I generally have a very suitable range of clothing options for most situations. Unless I’ve gained weight and need new clothes, in which case you can count on there being an extra pair of Lululemon leggings in the mix…