Trick and Tweet: Twitter Hacks to Maximize Your Reach

Kylie Jenner posts a picture of her latest lip gloss collection and it already garners a thousand retweets. Huda Beauty posts her new tutorial and the internet goes crazy.

That’s the power of marketing your brand online — specifically on platforms like Twitter.

Twitter’s been around for a long time but that doesn’t mean it’s going away any time soon. In fact, it’s still one of the most popular platforms of the digital world.

From celebrities to major brands and activists, anyone and everyone can use it to connect with millions of people around the world.

But the best way to gain an audience is not by following people but by tweeting quality content. While Twitter can be one of the most challenging platforms to write content for, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.

Tweet During A Specific Time

Be considerate of your demographic. If you tweet too early, your followers will miss your tweets. Remember that you’re not the only account they follow.

So make sure to tweet at a time when people are likely to pay attention. If you post later in the evening, your followers are more likely unwinding and spending time with family.

Studies show that a tweet’s lifetime is only 24 minutes. According to Forbes, the best time to post is between 9AM to 3PM.

Say it via Video

So many people don’t realize that you can post video content to Twitter. Twitter is the platform that birthed vines.

Don’t limit yourself to 140 characters when you can convey your messages via visual content. Short blurbs are important but make sure to follow it up with a video.

The Power of a Great Copy

What separates a bad copy from a good one? Copywriting is all about the art of conveying messages using a few words.

And that’s where Twitter takes home the trophy! It’s the perfect platform for brands to advertise, without offering a full plate to clients.

Take for example, some of these amazing tweets from 2016:

Excedrin’s #DebateHeadache

We all deal with a migraine or headache from time to time. But when do you really need a powerful painkiller? It’s simple: on Election Day.

This Feud between Old Spice and Taco Bell

So what if Taco Bell doesn’t want to taco’bout their secret recipe? We’ve learnt that it’s best not to ask!

Take this feud between Old Spice and Taco Bell as a lesson.

KFC’s Twitter Following List for Inspiration

KFC’s tweets are crisp and tender. But its following list is even better! For starters, it follows only herbs and spices — 5 members of the Spice Girls and 6 guys named ‘Herb.’

So, in a nutshell, if you have 140 characters to utilize, make sure your copy isn’t great. It should be amazing.

And if you follow these tips, you’ll get there in no time!



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Sabrina A. Mallick

Sabrina A. Mallick

I write pretty words to captivate my audience. Content writer and strategist with more than 6 years of experience in the industry.