10 Quirks I Have That May Seem Weird

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I have been tagged by Michelle Monet to write this chained story about quirks, so here they are in descending order (I like to be different from the crowd) :

10. I wear socks all the time, hate being barefooted except in showers or on the beach. I protect my footsies.

9. If there are kids are over at the house, I tend to watch over them and make sure they stay out of trouble whether they are mine or not. It’s a habit I never got rid of. I am the oldest of 5 kids and both of my parents work. In Asian culture, the eldest child automatically becomes the overseer of the younger kids, it doesn’t matter whether I like to or not. You don’t have a choice. The eldest child becomes the daycare provider. Cooking, tutoring, feeding, and diaper changing comes with the job. If our family is visiting someone else’s home and there are kids there and you are still the oldest, then you still are the daycare provider. I started doing this when I was 9 years old, as each sibling arrived, my responsibility grew, the eldest child doesn’t get to have a childhood.

8. I started training in martial arts in my teens. Years of training, sparring and tournament fighting matches have caused me to throw punches and kicks while sleeping, dreaming, or someone shaking me awake. I have on a few occasions punched my poor wife in the head in my sleep (really unintentional). It took a bit of effort through mindfulness and my later Buddhist practice to eliminate this problem. My poor wife went through a lot, she told me one time she used a stick to poke me awake when I had to be up for an appointment. A few years ago, my wife complained that my snoring and CPAP machine ( which thankfully I don’t need to use anymore) was driving her crazy. We since then decided separate bedrooms was the solution. It amazes me that my wife can take a punch but snoring will force me into another bedroom!

7. I love post-it notes, I have drawers full of them of various sizes and colors all over the house. I always have one in my pocket. I acquired the habit when I was shift supervisor at Ford Aerospace and at Lockheed Martin. I was always writing notes to my crew and sticking them to their workstations.

6. Donuts are my Kryptonite. I am weak before its presence.

5. My favorite food is soups and crackers. Of course, if a platter of surf and turf steaks are present I wouldn’t turn it down!

4. All ten of my fingers are longer than the fingers of other people I know. It’s a strange oddity and my high school music teacher said I should learn the piano and that I have the hands for it. But I and my hands preferred the guitar and I had my own band while in high school.

3. I used to like imitating the bird's songs. When I see a bird and hear its call, I would imitate the sounds back and we both would look and sound like we are a wonderful conversation.

2. I hate and will not eat beets. My mom loves them and when I was a kid, she would cook them all the time. It horrified me the first time I saw beets because it looked like it was bleeding blood on the rest of the food on the plate.

  1. Finally at #1 and my biggest quirk- At any moment, on any day, a song will pop into my head and I would spontaneously sing out the lyrics. My daughter whose bedroom is next to mine says that she has heard me sing in my sleep in the middle of the night. I would burst out laughing at the end of the song. Am I nuts? Maybe. But at least it’s harmless. Heh-Heh. My wife says someday there will be a TV pharmaceutical commercial announcing a cure for that and that she will watch for it. My reaction below:

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