Hello Medium. I am completely new here and have pretty much no idea what I am doing. However I have started a blog on our website www.CondorValley.com and Jonathon suggested I run one in parallel here.

I am a bit of a photo nut, so Instagram fits me well. Liked Twitter a lot until I found Instagram (CondorValley). Now trying my hand at “blogging” whatever that might come to mean.

So I have this challenge which is to be the pied piper of this historic Argentina ranch in Salta Province called La Bodega. Lots of condors there, so given that I already had a very very small wine label called Condor Valley that I was doing with my partners, Martin Pekarek and Carlos Rodrigues, it was natural to overname the 70,000 acre ranch/ “private national park” Condor Valley.

This is my start with Medium. I will end here. Can I upload a photo?