Hank Green
Oct 5, 2014 · 3 min read

Do Other People’s YouTube CPMs Look This Good?

There has traditionally been a taboo against publicly discussing this stuff, but I think that’s dumb.

I have a very small YouTube network with about 15 channels (mostly owned and operated by our company) and we upload around 3 videos per day. This actually creates enough data points that we can see a pretty good sketch of the growth of YouTube ad rates since we were granted CMS privileges (don’t worry about what that means) back in 2012.

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This is our CMS page, it basically just allows us to link a bunch of YouTube channels under one account and gives us the ability to claim content that rips us off. If a company claims to be an MCN, all it means is that they have access to this system.
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People traditionally have not shared this kind of information but I think that sucks. YouTube’s TOS says I can’t show you my actual CPMs, but I can show you how much they’ve increased! At least, I think I can.
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Data from the YoMamma YouTube channel from Q1 2013 to beginning of Q4 2014. Thanks to them for sending this along!

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