Thought experiment. What if there was a company that owned a town. What if they owned the homes and the streets and the schools and the fire department? What if two and a half billion people moved into those homes, lived their lives, and built their businesses?

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Wouldn’t be the first time a company built a town (Roebling, New Jersey)

I spent my youth reading books in which corporations became governments, it’s an old idea in science fiction. But then, a couple years ago, I looked up and realized that we were (or at least I was) already there.

We are the first people to have dual citizenship in a democratic state and a corporate state. No one ever thought that the users of a social media platform were customers, that’s why they called us “users.” But turn your head to the side, and things clear up. …


Hank Green

Novelist, YouTuber, Science Communicator, Community Organizer, Educational Media Creator

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