Thought experiment. What if there was a company that owned a town. What if they owned the homes and the streets and the schools and the fire department? What if two and a half billion people moved into those homes, lived their lives, and built their businesses?

Wouldn’t be the first time a company built a town (Roebling, New Jersey)

I spent my youth reading books in which corporations became governments, it’s an old idea in science fiction. But then, a couple years ago, I looked up and realized that we were (or at least I was) already there.

We are the first people to have dual citizenship in a democratic state and…

This post is just for YouTubers. It does not matter if you are not a YouTuber

There’s a very important piece of real-estate devoted to something called “Trending” both on YouTube’s mobile and desktop experiences. It takes you to a land of viral videos, Jimmy Kimmel clips, top 40 music, and movie trailers. And yes, also some videos from a smattering of medium and large native YouTubers. The trending tab is extremely important, but not for the reasons you think.

Hell yes I’m a premium subscriber. You know how much YouTube I watch?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, YouTubers click on the trending tab for one single reason…to analyze what is on the trending tab and then complain that it isn’t what we think it should be.It isn’t…

Hello everybody. This is definitely a hard thing to write. There’s no doubt that both PodCon and PodCon2 delivered abnormally high numbers of moments that will be cherished forever. But for several different reasons, we’re not going to be doing PodCon again. We’re going to go ahead and put it all on the table here, so it might be a little more inside baseball than a lot of people are looking for. The short version is: We couldn’t make it sustainable.

But in part to help people understand, and in part to aid anyone who might be interested in trying…

I’m a solid 12 years into my YouTube career. During that time I have been the CEO of three different companies, hired dozens of people, fired a few, started two non-profits, a couple podcasts, wrote a book, lived through good times and bad times of my chronic illness, all while being in a stable, happy marriage and maintaining at least some friendships.

How the fuck did I do that?

Well, first, the number of times I have cried while pooping is not zero. I don’t want to give you the impression that I do not experience stress or that I…

We all know that abuse, harassment, and worse have long invaded the entertainment ecosystem. That story goes back to the beginning of Hollywood…probably farther. But it’s still remarkable that someone as famous and successful as Harvey Weinstein was protected for so long and able to continue his behavior basically until he was less powerful and less important, at which point he could be brought down.

A part of this (certainly not all) is that most of what people heard were rumors. There are a lot of reasons why people don’t drop direct evidence of harassment, and I’m not here to…

I’ve been the “CEO” of VidCon for eight years, and there’s a reason I used quotation marks just now

I love online video. I’ve been obsessed with it since day one. Maybe it’s because my older brother was obsessed first, and I immediately love the things he loves. Maybe it’s because it gave me a voice and connected me with so many talented, fantastic people. Maybe for the same reason so many other people do, because it speaks to me in a way that no other medium does.

So when I realized someone was, someday, going to make a conference for the online video community (and industry) I freaked out and made one myself (with a lot of help…

Good Morning John,

We’re having a bad conversation in this country right now. I spent a fair amount of time last night arguing with people who were saying that the GOP is literally and even intentionally attempting to kill poor people by repealing Obamacare.

Now, here’s the situation, if the GOP repeals Obamacare, 20 million people will lose their insurance. This disproportionately affects poor people and self-employed people. This is wrong. I will go to the mat for that perspective. I believe strongly that I am right, that America with obamacare is healthier economically as well as physically.

But also…

So you’re confused about this whole James Comey thing but also care about America so want to be less confused? Come with me!

James Comey was (until today) the Director of the FBI. A Republican appointed by Barack Obama in 2013. He made a lot of enemies in the Democratic Party when, 11 days before the 2016 election, he re-opened investigation into Hillary’s emails.

Turned out nothing interesting was in those new emails, and also that this probably did result in Hillary losing the election. Kinda uncool. …

Last week, we posted a video on SciShow about why humans have menopause (it’s actually fairly rare in mammals, only a few other species are known to have older females that lose their ability to reproduce significantly before the average age of death.) In this video, we did our best to separate gender from biological sex, because we don’t find it inconvenient or exceptional to make videos that recognize the existence of transgender people.

This resulted in not an insignificant amount of shouting in the comments. Gender essentialists (who maintain that there are only two genders (and also, I…

I’m making a podcast (and YouTube show) with my friends where each person tries to amaze the others enough that they will say “Holy Fucking Science.”

We tend to lump educational content into a certain bucket. It’s a big bucket, but there seem to be some boundaries. People are wearing lab coats…or maybe suit coats. Or maybe a disembodied voice is explaining something over an animation. The viewer is there to better themselves. Fun can be had, but that’s not the goal. You’re either here because you want to know something or because you have to know something. One thing’s for sure, you should make sure it’s safe for work, and safe for kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that kind of content. I watch…

Hank Green

Novelist, YouTuber, Science Communicator, Community Organizer, Educational Media Creator

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