3 Times You Wish you had a Headband for your Baby Girl

There is something special about our little girls; we treat them with slightly more gentleness, take extra time to dress them up and even are a bit more protective of them when compared to our little gentlemen. We don’t love one more than the other, it just comes down to different needs, even if they are from our prospective as parents.

More times than I’d like to recall, I’ve been out with my daughter and something awful has happened with her hair. This has probably been exacerbated by the fact that her hair is long and curly, and she has a very energetic personality. You’d think I’d be a little more prepared after the 10th time it’s happened, but sadly I still forget. However, there are other occasions in which you don’t even think to have something like a headband for your little girl because it didn’t occur to you. That’s what bring me here today, to dispel the myth that even if her hair is pulled back a little, she isn’t truly a beautiful sight.

Looking Elegant at a Christening or Baptism

There is always so much focus that goes into the dress or outfit that our young girls where when they are getting christened or baptized. Sometimes the hair is an afterthought and it either means that the hair is quickly pulled back in a ponytail — which isn’t bad, but it isn’t great — or it is left down and can become fizzy, wild or not quite the picture-perfect moment when those bulbs start flashing. If you are aware and prepared, these instances will not be a part of your memory.

Headbands have a way of getting the hair away from the face, keeping some control, but also making sure that she still looks formal. Specifically, I am thinking of Baby Bling Bows because they have such a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials to choose from, and they cater infants all the way up to young girls, which is necessary dependent upon your religious beliefs and practices. Whatever you are in need of, they can help to make sure that the last thing you are truly worried about is your daughter’s hair.

She’s Not Getting Married Yet, but She’s in the Wedding

How precious is it to see your little angel as a flower girl or ringbearer? Again, it seems like so much emphasis is put into the dress, shoes and practicing her part, but the hair may be the last thing that is addressed. Maybe she is extremely lucky and gets her hair done up like the bride and her brides’ maids, but how many 4-year-olds can sit still and not tug at their pinned-up hair for several hours? Not many, from my recollection, and then you are left with the aftermath right before the ceremony.

What if it wasn’t about having the pinned-up curls and starched hair, but instead a headband that was comfortable, kept the mess at bay and didn’t bother her, no matter how long she had to wear it. Sometimes the easiest solution is the right one.

Picture Day is Here Again

Whether it is family picture day or school photos, there is nothing like trying to keep a toddler or her older sister looking their best. I know from personal experience that when it comes to any professional photos, the smile can be perfect and the clothes can be flawlessly pressed, but if the hair is bird’s nest, that’s all that people will ever see.

You don’t want to be trying to follow your daughter around with a brush and hairspray and taking directions from the photographer. By being well organized ahead of time and having her in a headband, you are relieving some of the stress on your shoulders and making your close-up a thing of beauty, too. Plus, sending a young girl to school, not knowing when those photos will be taken can be a little scary; what if her pictures are taken after recess? The horror! And, then you have to go back for retakes and all those hassles. So just eliminate the anxiety altogether, and have her in a headband, which will keep her looking gorgeous, even after recess.

It might be easier if my little girl didn’t have such long hair, but it breaks my heart to think about cutting more than a couple inches off for a trim. Maybe I just need to cool my heels a bit more and let her hair flow free, but after chocolate syrup, cotton candy and even a mishap with some gum happened, I fall of the side of helping her to keep it back just a bit from her face.