PowerDVD 12 Trail Page — What do user want to know before downloading?


PowerDVD 12 is a multimedia player that has over 1 million active users per week around the world. With its wide user base, eventually it came to the company to utilize it as a cross-promotion platform for other CyberLink’s product. That’s how the embedded trail download page project started.


The challenge is to decide what should we put on this page to intrigue users to download? We have many materials in hand, such as product intro video, feature listing, spec details, awards and testimonies and so on. Should we filter out some info and leave only the important? If so, how can we tell if the info is important or not?

Usually we would look into some data and preform user research to answer these questions, however, we have no relevant data in hand to tell which information is crucial for user to download the trail, and there is not much time to conduct user research.

What we did:

So we looked back to some trail download promotion events done in the past. Surprisingly, we found that most user who downloaded trails don’t look at anything, they just jump to the download page and downloaded.

Why? We guessed it is because most users who downloaded trails are users that used or heard of CyberLink’s products. They trust the brand. When they come across a trail they need, the brand is the most important thing that matters. Eventually, we came up with a layout with only showing the product name, download link, and a learn more link that links to the product feature page on CyberLink official page. No further information is showed.

Final version for the trail page
An alternative version of the trail page with a detail page that has more info in it.

How it turned out:

When this project went online, total trail downloaded that month raise by 30%, about 20% was contributed or affiliated by the trail page.

So what do you think? Did you ever have to make a decision without current data or research to back you up? How did you convince your team that it will work?