Volume Licensing Page — Designing e-commerce website


This project is to renew the volume licence page on CyberLink’s official website. The old site is pretty much cramped up, crowding all sorts of information in one page, not to mention the confusing navigation which eventually leads to much customer complaints.


Different customers buy from this page, the challenge is to define who they are and what they want to see in order to shape the experience at their flavor. The first priority is to ensure our potential customer purchase.

What we did:

The new design mainly works toward three improvements: customized info for each user groups, better navigation, and purchase accessibility.

Customized info: Our customers into two groups according to their needs, including Enterprise and Government and Education, where we showcased customized content such as an overview page to show how they can benefit from us, and propose our recommended product mix.

Better navigation: Better navigation can speed up the shopping process. We went over the pages and try to find improvements to guide users. Such as the original product introduction page combines features, version comparison and system requirement content all together in one page, while the new design uses tabs to switch between the content. Or such as adding anchor points to let users find their products quickly.

Purchase Accessibility: We added a section at the end of each page where there are purchase options to increase points of sale.

Anchor points to let users find their products quickly
Tabs to switch between the content
Purchase options section at the end of each page

How it turned out:

It turned out great! Sales increased 30% after the website went online for the first quarter, and less user came to our Customer Service to ask where they can find information they want.

Why doing so drives sales? A typically shopping experience should be like this:
1. User realize how our product can benefit them
2. Users find the product they need
3. users purchase the product

When designing e-commerce website, it is important to consider the most convenient way to guide users through the purchasing flow. The new website assists customers through each process:
1. User realize how our product can benefit them → improvement on customized content for each user group.
2. Users find the product they need → introducing a better navigation.
3. users purchase the product → improving purchase accessibility.

So what do you think? What is your method to design e-commerce website?