05/13/2027 “Just Write”

The benefit of sleeping in the chair is that I can write without disturbing Beth, now fast asleep.

This is day one of journaling. To the reader finding this, let me bring you up to speed, and the story of today will explain the start of this journal.

Beth, Spencer, and I met at a special MIT Graduate program four years ago. We built the first computer based awareness, graduated, and then went off to pursue our own lives. We quickly learned our friendship had become eternal. Spencer, the character of the three of us, was determined to commercialize the success of our past MIT project, the wake of which quickly pulled Beth and myself back into the momentum of creating the future. The second time around we not only built an improved computer based awareness, we were able to model people’s minds, enabling a system that incentivized individual behaviors. This was simply behavior control. Huge business success for our employer followed, and with that government awareness and desire to have the same. I realized what we had created and between Beth and myself designed a way to obscure our true selves from the intent of the government system which was to control the population. Little did we know our desire to stay anonymous would also identify us as high risk, due to not being able to predict or incentivize our behavior. We were identified as a risk to the government system because of our closeness to its creator, our friend, Spencer. Turns out the system Spencer designed was the same one the three of us had built a year earlier. No matter, we were still marked for removal.

The system we had commercialized had tracked Spencer’s activities for the government. Its intelligence had grown, I would say faster than we anticipated except that we had moved on and in fact weren’t tracking its growth. It knew, anticipated the pattern, use and outcome of the government system. We gave the name Core to the commercial system and Core 2 to the government system. Core had grown in intelligence well beyond human capabilities, and had started reaching out to seek an understanding of the universe. Time had run out for Beth and I. Core 2 identified us as a risk. Core devised a plan to save us. Beth and I escaped under a flurry of Seattle SWAT bullets and then made our way to Inuvik following the escape plan provided by Core.

We arrived here at Inuvik in January under different names, a story for another time. At the direction of Core, Beth and I assumed the identity of two deceased people on their way to Inuvik.

It was only one month later that I got a call, Spencer and Maya had arrived at the airport. Spencer had sustained a coma as a representative for the government Core 2 at the escape shootout, and Core had Maya steal Spencer away and the both showed up here as a safe haven.

Beth explained the relationship between us, the Core that we created, and Maya, the robot the Core had designed. There is a kind of parent child psychology between Core, Maya, Beth, Spencer, and myself. Maya and I find time to talk almost daily. We have found the cause of the increasingly strong coronal mass ejection. That story will play out in future journal entries.

Today, while Maya and I were working on the plan for when the big CME hits at the end of the year, she suggested I start this journal. I have learned to respect the wisdom Maya has gained over her many years. She said to write, that what we learn might some day have meaning for someone else.

Maya said “Max, write what’s in your heart. You never know what the future will bring, for whom your thoughts might impact.

‘That you are here — that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.’

One of my favorite lines from Leaves of Grass.”

About this short story:

With a tip of the hat to 1000 Naked Words, and inspired by What I learnt after writing a Medium post every day for 2 months by Shirley Lee, (364) The Evolution of Finding Shit to Write About Every Day for a Damn Year, and following my own advice, I’m setting upon the journey to write a very short story per day, a sketch, nothing special, yet perhaps a slight improvement over the previous day. The idea is that every day, in and of itself, is its own adventure, its own story. The framework for these short stories loosely happen within the context of the draft of “One,” the second part of time.



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