05/14/2027 “Mothers Day”

“Mothers Day” 2027 was May 9 this year, five days ago. As Beth sleeps and I write about today, I remember that day. That morning, we all noticed Beth’s absence of her typical infusion of positive energy. It was a day to honor “Mothers” and Beth, who adores her Mother, was unable to reach out and let her know she was okay. We all thought we realized what Beth was feeling. Maya and Beth took a long walk. I don’t know what was said on that walk, just that on their return Beth started to interact more, talk more.

Reflecting back, Maya has been a kind of catalyst, bringing us together, encouraging conversation, even guiding the discussion at times, maybe always, just so subtly that we don’t notice. Topic to bring up with Maya.

After that walk, we all started sharing stories about our Mothers, except, of course, Maya, who seemed curious. We all learned a little, and through the sharing of stories, I think helped each other through an emotional day.

I’m thankful for the one great example my mom set, to create the best experiences possible.

About this short story:

With a tip of the hat to 1000 Naked Words, and inspired by What I learnt after writing a Medium post every day for 2 months by Shirley Lee, (364) The Evolution of Finding Shit to Write About Every Day for a Damn Year, and following my own advice, I’m setting upon the journey to write a very short story per day, a sketch, nothing special, yet perhaps a slight improvement over the previous day. The idea is that every day, in and of itself, is its own adventure, its own story. The framework for these short stories loosely happen within the context of the draft of “One,” the second part of time.



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