05/28/2027 “Typical Day”

Today, Friday, was like just about every Friday for the last three months, except it’s brighter in the mornings now than it was three months ago, and while as wet most mornings, slightly warmer. Same morning routine. I wake up first, probably because I’m sleeping in a chair, sleepwalk to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, and have a short somewhat surreal chat with Maya, whom I’m sure is trying so patiently to get me to see, to understand something. Beth and Spencer woke up an hour later, glad to see the coffee ready. We clean up and meet for our morning “report.” Spencer reports the status of the buildout against the plan timeline and the financials, what was ordered, delivered, and planned. We decided early on to triple order most everything, just in case. The result is a large warehouse type structure with a very deep subterranean facility under layers of concrete, for electronics. Spencer is now spending some portion of every day on site, most of the day on weekdays. Beth spends the weekdays at her job, a community psychologist, working with people who have critical issues to work through. Beth also makes time to walk around and visit some key residents. Maya works with Spencer to some greater or lesser extent. She spends a lot of time walking alone. If she were anyone else I would worry, but because I know her history, what she is capable of, I know there is nothing to worry about. Beth and I left together. I dropped her off at the city services building, and then I went on to school. I teach prepared material. The best part of this is researching the material and trying to find a different and fun way to present it. The other part of that approach which makes the day is when a kid asks a truly genuine inquisitive question. Kinda like fishing.

At the end of phase 1 part of the day I swing by the services building and pick up Beth, ask how her day went, learn a little bit more about our community and sometimes an insight about Beth. We get home where Spencer is hanging out with Maya who is preparing dinner. We sit around the table bringing everyone up to speed with the daily happenings.

We follow this pattern pretty much weekday after weekday, with the details within the framework being the variable.

Maya said something interesting today. She is concerned about Jack. I’m going to follow up on that with her tomorrow.

About this short story:

With a tip of the hat to 1000 Naked Words, and inspired by What I learnt after writing a Medium post every day for 2 months by Shirley Lee, (364) The Evolution of Finding Shit to Write About Every Day for a Damn Year, and following my own advice, I’m setting upon the journey to write a very short story per day, a sketch, nothing special, yet perhaps a slight improvement over the previous day. The idea is that every day, in and of itself, is its own adventure, its own story. The framework for these short stories loosely happen within the context of the draft of “One,” the second part of time.



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