Silicon Valley Is Right — Our Jobs Are Already Disappearing
Andrew Yang

Andrew, with all respect, I have interacted with VC’s, so-called incubator’s and hopefully what I have experienced does not apply to your project. There is a reason why no-one has replicated what Paul Graham and team created in the early Y Combinator — no one appears interested in the business of building a team, from the start. “The team” is Paul’s secret sauce — building and supporting those with tenacity. That tenacity with a little water and nutrients, the Y Combinator effect, is what generated the early success. It’s not about the product idea, it’s about the team. “Lucky or Smart?” by Bo Peabody explains this effect quite well. The team will create the numbers, will pivot to create the right product which will support success. Team. Everyone else is looking for post start, idea and revenue in some domain they know that they feel they can lend value to, and there is value in that approach. They expect everything else to have already happened. This is the chasm that exists today now that the Y has changed. So, while I wish you well in your endeavors, we all need more people like you, I also know there are huge opportunities to help people, to support and build teams of tenacious members who will work together, with their support, to understand the market domain they set out to provide a value to. As I look around, I see a shortage of people with the vision to truly help others. Paul Graham, perhaps you could step back into the ring and create a Y Combinator for those who would create services to help people build services and products. One of these day’s Jeff Bezos will wake up and say, “Hey, we want everyone to be self-employed, selling either a service, a component, or something of value that I can get a nic on through the transaction” and create a small business around supporting that activity (mechanical turk is only an interface). Once he does, we will all win. Until then, Paul?

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