Jack died today. The funeral will be on Sunday. Alex informed us when we stopped by Beth’s office. There is a strange quietness in town with this news of Jack’s passing and H’s sudden departure.

Beth said H is getting reinforcements. Her pattern of behavior is to control, to focus and escalate when and where needed to secure the sense of need of control. Whatever her goal, she hasn’t obtained control over the situation with Spencer nor Beth and I, which is why Beth thinks H is going to raise the stakes.

At breakfast Beth said, “Max, we have no idea how H’s next move, some type of escalation, will manifest itself. We should have some type of fallback position.”

“I agree. What about making the bunker the primary base of operation? It is secure, has a perimeter warning system, and the ground building is complete. We need a lab of sorts to build the hardware. And there is enough room for an office.”

Beth replied, “Makes sense. Let’s start today. We have a funeral to get ready for on Friday.”

We spent the morning generating a list of things we would need short-term, like bathroom fixtures, a refrigerator, heaters, assembly tables, just stuff we would need. I drove Beth to her office so she could visit with everyone, and use the computer to order the stuff on our list.

We spent part of the afternoon at what we are now referring to as the bunker, cleaning it up and starting to get it ready for this next phase. I wanted Beth to rest so made a point of leaving for home by three. We spent the rest of the cloudy afternoon lounging on the sofa playing backgammon.

About this short story:

With a tip of the hat to 100 Naked Words, and inspired by What I learnt after writing a Medium post every day for 2 months by Shirley Lee, (364) The Evolution of Finding Shit to Write About Every Day for a Damn Year, and following my own advice, I’m setting upon the journey to write a very short story per day, a sketch, nothing special, yet perhaps a slight improvement over the previous day. The idea is that every day, in and of itself, is its own adventure, its own story. The framework for these short stories loosely happen within the context of the draft of “One,” the second part of time.



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