Hank on da burning wires

1986, by Malcolm P. Dickson, Private collection

All We Know, by The Chainsmokers as the background music to the video of Beth and Max on the run from the US Government artificial intelligence system, Core2. Core2 has, with the lack of the proper data and the broader framework, identified Max and Beth, the creators of its AI neural net system, as high risk. Beth and Max on the run, remembering their life together over the last 5 years as they start their exile, leaving Seattle in a little sailing vessel, on a very cold and rainy November morning, traveling along the Canadian coast, landing at Skagway and then making their way across frozen Northern Canada to Inuvik.

“Hank on d’a burning wires…” are NOT the lyrics!

Max and Beth had met each other and Spencer five years ago, the fall of 2022, graduate students starting a special MIT graduate program focusing on artificial intelligence. Max stood six foot, short dark brown hair, slate gray-blue eyes, almost always in brown jeans and blue t-shirt. Max looked like he was on leave from the military. Beth at five foot, eleven inches, looked like a college athlete with orange hair that seemed to emit light, like a Van Gogh painting, almost always pulled back into a single braid, the most unusual blue eyes, so much so almost no one noticed the light group of freckles on each of her rosy cheeks.

As he drove down the icy road, Max remembered that just one week ago, in Seattle, the Core instructing him to follow the instructions in the paperback sized notebook, and reading the introductory paragraph:

“In order to save yours and Beth’s life, you must follow these instructions to the letter. You both have been identified as high risk by Core2, which means Core2’s intent is no recovery for either of you. These instructions will provide what you will both need in order to avoid detection and get to a safe location… ”

As he drove, Max remembered his senior year in high school, ten years ago, 2017, which to him was the pivot point setting the stage for everything that had happened since. That was the year he wrote a blog post about the path of photons, the nature of arcs, and possibly circumventing time. It was then, after the onslaught of negative public response on his blog post that he decided to keep his research to himself. He remembered reflecting back of the process of communication, remembered thinking that words were only descriptions; reality was something different. Words could only attempt to describe, and then they were open to interpretation.

The song, this writing, the trilogy, three points in time.

All We Know, The Chainsmokers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEi_XBg2Fpk

Ten, Chapter 1 in Medium Series @ https://medium.com/series/ten-3677d71f8d20/

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