Spencer Awakens

As Spencer was waking, realizing pain that felt like a rusty nail just behind his eyes, he thought, “Wait, where am I?” Spencer thought as he began to wake up. There was a chill, yet he was laying on a soft rug. “What’s this metal around my wrist?” And as Spencer raised his arm he saw a chain dangling from the metal wristband. Spencer traced the chain to the inside corner of the space. He looked around at the corrugated metal walls. “A shipping container.” And he saw at the other end of the inside of this long rectangular container space a light stick, which was providing the illumination.

“At least they’ve proved a nice rug for the ground,” Spencer thought.

As he was realizing he was in a shipping container he began to feel like the world was in some strange motion, or at least the space around him. Was he dizzy, was he about to pass out? The headache and the uneasy feeling that the world around him was, …fluid like. What was going on? Then he figured out he must be in a shipping container on a ship on the open ocean.

“How long have I been unconscious? Who took me? Where are they taking me?” As Spencer’s senses were sharpening so were his questions. “The last thing I remember was being in the lab, … the the perimeter alarm went off. It was the middle of the day, nothing on the cameras so I took a stroll outside, close enough to the lab entrance to retreat if needed, then, yes, then something hit me and that’s the last I remember. I hope Beth and Maya are okay.”

Spencer heard the soft patterned sound of rain outside. It seemed like hours had passed as he remembered some childhood Friday nights playing in the neighborhood with his friends. He remembered Andy who, with a few others, had grown up with Spencer. He remembered the weekend just after the first year of college he and Andy spent learning how to surf. That was the last weekend he saw Andy. The next few years of school, the internship, and then MIT, meeting Max and Beth… That seemed like just a few months ago, but so much had changed since then, so many years ago. Spencer wondered how it all happened so fast, and how strange it all seemed that the three of them were responsible for the Core and Core2. Even stranger, thought Spencer, was that their Core could create something as, …the only word to describe Maya was, incredible. Sitting in that container, listening to the rain, remembering, slowly rocking, wondering what was next, all seemed surreal, as though he should wake up at any moment.

A soft high pitch squeal turned deeper and louder as the long bolt to the door on the far side of the container turned. The door slowly opened.

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