Spencer & Hassan

It was midnight, Hassan had just fallen asleep when he felt a large hand wrap around his arm and gently pushed and pulled followed by a deep voice, “He is here.”

Hassan quickly rolled over while pushing himself up to rise out of bed. He grabbed a sweatshirt as the two left the bedroom and headed for the library.

“When did they arrive?” Asked Hassan.

“A few minutes ago. I came to get you as they were pulling up.”

Hassan had been anticipating this moment. He now had the genius behind the development of the United States super AI Core2. Hassan’s plan was to slowly get this person to feel and understand his motives, to create peace, and to help achieve that they needed their own Core.

As they turned to enter the library Hassan froze, his eyebrows pointed in sharply, his face muscles tightened as his lip muscles tightened at the sight of a slightly older, a little more filled out, kid that he had taught surfing to, in what seemed like another lifetime away. Hassan remembered that day in the sun, no worries, just surf. Hassan’s face started to relax as he remembered.

Spencer was standing with metal wrist band connected to a chain which dropped down to the floor then rose to the hand of the man standing to Spencer’s right. There was another man standing on Spencer’s left. As Hassan stopped at the library entrance, Spencer recognized Hassan, Spencer could see the concern in the taught muscles of Hassan’s face. Spencer’s thoughts quickly, almost instantaneously flipped between remembering that sunny day on the surf and wondering if he was going to make it out of this alive.

“Spencer.?” Said Hassan.

“Hassan…” with the “..san” slowly fading in tone, replied Spencer.

“Please take the chain off of our guest.” Said Hassan in his commanding tone, and then continued, “Spencer, I have a lot to share with you. I need your help. Please, friends, leave Spencer and I for a few minutes. I need some time with my old friend.”

And with that the three men slightly bowed and left the room, closing the glass French doors to the library, yet remaining just outside in the hallway.

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