Science says the time arrow only moves forward. We shall see.

With the time I have remaining, let me share an incredible story of adventure, one that spans time and space, and for some reason has an intersection point in 2017. This is a note in a bottle to whomever finds it.

Scientists also seem to think they know the space within which they find themselves. Funny thing about time, as it marches on, in whatever direction, ones perspective and understanding changes. If you told an astronomer 200 years ago the galaxy was full of black holes, and went on to explain what a black hole was, the astronomer most likely wouldn’t believe you. 200 years from now the understanding of the universe will be as different from today as today’s understanding is from 200 years ago. Remember that next time you, my friends, read an article by someone who believes they own the truth to physics and the universe.

Funny thing about the universe, no one has any real idea how big it is, nor really how it works, which is why the story of physics today doesn’t add up. There does seem to be some consistent patterns, though. Rotation, energy in the form of frequency, and constant change, as well as pairs, seem to be consistent patterns. More about this later.

Tens of billions of years ago a pair of entangled particles, bounds of infinitely tied to the universe frequencies, left a star, each particle heading out along its own, separate from the other, path. The space around this star was incredibly uniform, so that as changes occurred in one particle, changes in the other happened exactly the same. As they traveled through space they picked up energy, grew and changed, and over an immense amount of time and space, they grew into twin galaxies. With so much time and change and distance between them it would be virtually impossible to recognize the similarities.

It turns out that I originated on a planet in a solar system unbelievably the same as this one, although a little more advanced. We had studied the cosmos and stumbled upon a twin galaxy to our own. Our models of description are a bit different than yours are currently, which permitted us to build models of time. We understood this distant galaxy to be a twin of our own. We also detected a primitive spaceship traveling through space, the origin of which seemed to be our twin galaxy. Impossible we thought, given the age of that twin, if the light we saw being from billions of years ago. Our twin would be too young to have produced an intelligence capable of space travel. Curiosity drove us to create a vehicle that would take a few of us to this object, this primitive space ship, and could take us all the way to our twin galaxy if we chose to, after encountering this object.

Upon encountering this ship we found it to be on course for our galaxy and, incredibly, our solar system. We found this to be amazing, out of the realm of possibility because of the young age of its origin. We decided to adjust its coordinates to return to its origin with us following. On the return we encountered twin black holes. These are hard to determine from a distance when traveling between galaxies. The distance is so vast and our speed was closely approaching the speed of light, that our corrective measures as we approached the event horizon meant that we would lose the ability to track the ship we had found, turned around, and were now following.

We skirted the outer area of the twin black holes and reestablished our course for the source planet of the space vehicle. Although we had lost the ship we were following, we continued to scan for traces of it, hoping it made appropriate course corrections in order to get around those black holes.

We have been here for quite a while. Perhaps in my next post I should tell you a little about ourselves, how we are able to span such great distances of time.

Who is Hank M. Greene?

“I am what I said I am, a storyteller. But, you may be asking, from whence did I come and to where do I go? ‘Ten’ holds the key to where I go, and it’s to be determined from whence I came.”



Persona non grata. Telling the story about three kids who create the first computer-based awareness and the events that follow in “time, a trilogy”

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Hank M. Greene

Persona non grata. Telling the story about three kids who create the first computer-based awareness and the events that follow in “time, a trilogy”