MEDIUM — Thank You!
Hank M. Greene

Upon further reflection, perhaps yet another monetization idea — book publishing… Amazon has a type of model for this. Consider the poetry category — enabling poets to assemble collections of their work into purchasable books — great gifts. Fiction writers could assemble shorts into a book collection. Medium has both the audience and the media. Collections assembled into books is just a service.

And one more idea. Medium as a platform, it seems from some of the writings about audience, should also consider how to drive audience to categories, and then the pieces within the categories. Increasing audience, while certainly the content owner/creator’s partial responsibility, a platform differentiator could also be how Medium drives the appropriate audience to pieces. One of the things learned over the last few weeks of my short membership is my responsibility to drive audience to my work. What I have learned is that 2/3 of my 13k views over the last three weeks have come from Flipboard, thank you Medium for that stat. The way that works is to publish on Medium, share on Flipboard where their algorithm tags it. I help by adding/sharing the piece just published on Medium to my Flipboard magazine. I only have a handful of Flipboard followers, but because Flipboard auto-tags the content, many thousands of viewers who like content of that tag wind up seeing it, some of whom click on the presentation, and then become Medium viewers. It looks like Medium does a pretty good job with google, but that is not such a great focused categorization engine. Flipboard, as a content aggregator by category appears to be a pretty good audience generator. My point — integration with high volume content by category aggregators will help drive Medium audience, increasing Medium visitors/visibility, and helping content creators share their work — and drive revenue to Medium value add services by virtue of increased audience from integration with high volume content aggregators.


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