Artists’ Lives Are About to Change
Sam Mallikarjunan

Yes, the world continues to change, just as it always has.

Question # 1, why do you use “design” and “art” as though they were the same endeavor? There is a reason we refer to “starving artists.” I’m not sure the term “starving designer” conveys the same romance. Anyway, hopefully you get the point. Now, on to AI. Yes, there are broad efficiencies to be had with automation, and by extension, rote tasks that can be done by computer based neural nets. Yes, impressively, these system are able to generate artifacts. Impressive. Even more impressive, those functions and output will be used to generate business efficiencies. And, the logic would indicate that a deep learning system will be able to analyze a market segment to determine the correct set of words that will resonate within said segment. Also true is that artists, in the pure sense of the word, don’t create work for specific market segments with specific characteristics. Designers, yes. Anyway, again, you get my point, I hope. There is an entire discipline dedicated to talking about what is and perhaps isn’t art, and even, why, called Aesthetics — a bunch of philosophy types creating content for others to ponder. Still, there is a wealth of information as output from that discipline for those curios about what is and isn’t art, and even perhaps why.

Yah, no, not so sure artists “have” to do anything, except whatever it is they do best. That’s part of what makes them artists. Consider Picasso — it was all about the life of being an artist, and not about a single piece. Huh, your friend T. Blake Littwin might want to reconsider that quote. Good, even great writing starts, develops into a craft and excels into art as the writer learns how to transcend the limits of objective meaning and stitch together an experience. Therein lies the art.

“Much more subtly, let’s say there are two books, one written by an AI and the other by, say, Maya Angelou. Only Maya Angelou could write “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” because of her unique experience. And this is the point. And many of us enjoy that book because it shares a uniquely human perspective. We can relate to the humanity within the story. Now, on the other hand, the story written by the AI may be good, but at the end of the day, it simply does not have the life experience that Maya Angelou has, and that will be reflected in the resulting story.” The experience.

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