Gogh, Albers, Rothko, cover work in progress for Maya by Malcolm P. Dickson

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


Jack stood, staring as Anne walked away, crying, knowing that she overheard Arcangela, and all that meant. Jack knew he couldn’t follow, that it would never work for Anne, he knew her world model was much different than his.

As she walked home, Anne’s mind was a swirl of faceted memories, recent memories of the perfect last year with Jack, her research for the perfect DNA, her laser-focused college years, then awarded a research position at Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens where she began studying in detail…

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“Do not suppose… that when I have left you I shall be nowhere and no one. Even when I was with you, you did not see my soul, but know what it was in this body of mine from what I did. Believe then that it is still the same, even though you see it not.“

Cyrus the Great

This little story represents the last part of the second chapter, action/reaction, of an experimental work in progress called Maya. While Maya is the core of the story, it is made up of three separate yet dependent stories with each containing…

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No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.

Albert Einstein

This little story represents the last part of the first chapter, introductions, of an experimental work in progress called Maya. While Maya is the core of the story, it is made up of three separate yet dependent stories, which explains the three major themes going on, each with its own major event to introduce in this final part of the first chapter draft.


It seemed like an impossible task for the three.

Professor Chow defined the challenge.

It became their challenge.

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Los Angeles by The Midnight

Continuing the first plot point in the fiction Maya

It was a very warm, sunny Sunday morning as Anne cautiously walked into an almost empty Jack’s. Anne was slightly pensive, remembering the day before when Jack delivered her latte and invited himself to her table.

Anne thought, “When he brought the latte his walk, his movements were like poetry in motion, atypically smooth. He must have an artistic personality.”

Jack was behind the counter looking at the open door as Anne walked in. He smiled at Anne, not too big, nor too slight, a smile that said welcome home.

As Anne approached the counter…

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First plot point from Maya, a fiction

At 9:00 AM with the sun staring down on an overly warm May 2 Monday morning in 2022 with the fragrance of fresh flowers within the waves of heat, Anne entered the non-descript two-story tinted glass framed with a brick veneer office building that looked just like the other surrounding buildings.

“It’s the right address,” she thought to herself.

She walked to the door with “1001” on it and turned the knob.

As the door opened she saw seven desks with men, some looking like college students and two looking like they could retire any day. …

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Anne found herself in Boston, at a CRSPR conference, walking through the doors of a convention center conference room. Against the left wall were tables of fruit, slices of bread, a silver coffee and hot water dispenser.

The room was sparsely populated by young student-looking individuals.

There was an equal number of older professor-looking types.

Anne wondered if her magical long distant relative from another age might be one of those older gentlemen. Anne was smiling, thinking of the magic of her great, great distant relative, Merlin…yes, the same Merlin from the once and future king.

Two months earlier the…

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“I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it.”

Charles Dickens

Another night, yet another flight. Tonight to Amsterdam. I settle into my assigned seat, turn on the music that streamed into my earbuds and start typing notes from today’s partner talks into my phone notepad, waiting for the end of the passenger line before buckling up. I’m sitting on the aisle seat and there…


“The anacrusis merely consists of the unaccented note or notes which precede the first accent of any rhythmic division in a composition.”

Abdy Williams, C. F. (March 14, 1893), Rhythmical Construction of Bach’s ‘Forty-Eight’ Fugues”, Proceedings of the Musical Association, Volume 19

The inner muscles of her eyebrows tightened as Maya remembered the crash.

Moments later, Maya realized her jaw and cheeks relaxed with each step. The morning started with warm heat of the sunrise, and ever so slowly turned hot as a relaxed Maya trekked south.

Maya’s eyes measured slightly increasing heat as each second passed. To humans, the…

A Snippet from Maya, A Science Fiction Work in Progress

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Anne, Arcangela, Maya: Part I

Maya, Anne, Arcangela: Part II

Gaius Julius Caesar sat in the silence of the freezing cold January evening in Ravenna, Northern Italy in 49 BC, after reading the message just delivered that his tribunes have failed and fled Rome. Upon receiving the news, that evening Gaius “sat down to table with a large company of friends.”

This, according to Suetonius, a Roman historian, and biographer who had access to certain historical documents describing these events.

Among the friends was Gaius’ ageless mentor, Maya.

After everyone left except Maya, Gaius leaned toward Maya and quietly said…

A Snippet from Maya, A Science Fiction Work in Progress

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Anne, Arcangela, Maya: Part I

Anne grabbed one of her satchels, one she knew contained a flash drive large enough to hold most of these video files. She would sort through them at a later date. Right now she knew she had to get the files and get out of the building before Arcangela knew or cared that she was there.

Arcangela yelled, “WHAT,” and bending at the waist with every bit of 60-year-old energy he had, raised then fed all the remaining force into his arm as it came down on his desk with a loud thud. …

Hank M. Greene

Persona non grata. Telling the story about three kids who create the first computer-based awareness and the events that follow in “time, a trilogy”

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