It is not possible to craft a meaningful experience around sustainability if those who are creating the message do not have a deep understanding of what sustainability is.

This is may seem to be an obvious conclusion to make but I think we have all seen what happens when it is true. When we experience greenwashing often times there is simply a lack of education and understanding at the heart of the issue.

I also believe that as the word sustainability becomes mainstream there are more and more sustainable initiatives that are being communicated. Some of them, inevitably, will not…

There are times when business finds itself entrenched in some kind of communications exercise and messages and facts get whittled down the most basic and simplistic points. And when this happens the swath goes wide and things become somewhat lowest-common-denominator. I understand why.

But consider the way that people think when they have a flash of illumination, the way they think when they have a brief moment of focus. Rather than vying for their attention by hurling oversimplified messages and subject matter — why not get to them with something intelligent, thought provoking, and emotional? Teach them something in the…

When I was in my early 20’s a friend leant me Rommel Drives Deep into Egypt by Richard Brautigan. It hit me hard. I didn’t know poetry like this existed, it was so simple and unpretentious. It felt like I could understand it or if I did not it didn’t really matter or it was fine to just read it and not worry about meaning, just let the words do their enjoyable thing. I’ve never considered myself a writer but these poems feel like they are encouraging you to try. So I’ve been playing with the poem ever since, mostly…

Authentic vibrations in the biosphere: when human emotion and intelligence interface.

Let’s look at it this way, friends: soul is nothing more, probably, than the authentic vibration of the biosphere, registered and amplified within the human sensorium. Think of it as that somewhat lumpy cloud of indefinable energy that is generated when the human emotion and human intelligence interface with the larger body of nature.

“Mars Albert Stubblefield” in the novel Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins

I can never be sure how serious to take the tangents of Tom Robbins’ characters. They could go either way. But because I’ve been thinking about soul lately I gave this one a few…

Hank White

My name is Hank. I’m a designer interested in sustainability and well-made things.

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