Er det ikke kjipt når du har tatt på fullt turtøy og skal ut på en lang ferd mot en vakker horisont, bare til å merke at det er en stein i skoen?

Du står da i et viktig veivalg:

  • Skal du bare dure på? Selv om det gjør vondt og går mye tregere, kan du potensielt nå målet ditt.
  • Skal du fjerne steinen? Det tar kanskje litt tid å ta av skoen, men turen blir mye morsommere og du kommer kjappere til mål.

På nettsidene har vi fjernet vår stein; Internet Explorer (IE).

Alle som har jobbet med web…

Hi, welcome to Science Science Science! You’re #1 spot for light conversation topics. In this episode: Death.

Death isn’t usually something I’m very keen on thinking about. For the most part, I try to ignore the fact that we’re here on borrowed time — much like my next dentist appointment or that winter is again coming.

If I however disregard the fact that my loved ones and I will one day fade away, I see that death both is necessary and has a certain deep beauty to it: It pushes progress while making us value our time.

In other words.

Humans hate change.

People need to die with their old ways, so fresh minds can blossom.

Hey, I’m Lasse Olsen and I survived my first year running my own company. Thank you. Thank you very muchie!

Back in September 2016 I wrote a post on turning to an independent advisor and project manager with El Mono. The journey since has been both humbling yet amazing, while the learning curve could be portrayed like an intense roller coaster ride. Sure the ride was uncomfortable as hell at times, but we’re still on it baby!

Me, trying to be a cool entrepenur. Via NascentEcho @ Reddit

I write this post because maybe someone can find it somewhat insightful.

Through this year I’ve had my highest of highs and lowest of lows, or if you prefer, the darkest nights and the sunniest days. The experience of starting a company is…

Me being uncomfortable at a network event. Please don’t pitch to me.

Hey, stop trying to penetrate me with your pitches. At least lube me the fuck up first.

I have a problem with network events. I’ve tried it and I’m terrible at it. When I do events I usually seclude myself in one of the corners of the venue, like a animal constantly needing to see an exit.

Why do I have a problem with network events? Because pitches.

It happens every time. I stand in a crowded venue, holding a drink. I’m not thirsty, but it keeps me busy. Then it happens. I see that guy (it’s almost always a guy btw). Between 40–50 years old, he’s well dressed. Not in a full suit, but in a…

It’s been under a year since I started El Mono, but requests for resources has been so crazy that the board of directors (read: me) have decided that we should (kind of) hire new people.

I write “kind of” because I’m interested in building a short list of talented people that either work freelance or available from their agency. In short, you’ll be part of closely nit club of monos. If you’re on that list, you’ll be the first I contact when there’s a need for great skills.

Two common scenarios were I get asked about people:

1. Someone needs a recommendation
2. I need it for a project that…

TL;DR version: This is the story of when I pitched to Pixar — and failed. Under is a step-by-step of what I did.

Image courtesy of Oscar/Kroloftet

Home office can have it’s benefits, but doing A/B testing for a month made it pretty clear that an office is a better solution for me. After some rigorous online research and IRL meetings, I finally landed on a cleaned out warehouse turned into a co-working space.

It’s called Kroloftet and it’s pretty neat, because:

  • It’s an old warehouse that’s been renovated to a co-office place
  • You have a mix between architects, fashion designers, web designers, developers, carpenters, sound producer and a whole lots more that shares the area
  • It hosts some other really nice and creative people
  • And hey…

Starting a company in 2016 hardly passes as unique. With that said*drumroll* I started a company! I present to you: El Mono.

Logo created by Mattis Bødtker.

Creating a company that follows my passion, dreams and goals has been something I have envisioned for many years now. On one side, making the decision to go from a really good position at a great agency to starting a company with little to non safety net is a hard decision. On the other hand, #yolo.

El Mono is the child of long, sleepless nights, rejections on funding applications and a “If they can do it, I can do it”-cockiness. It’s my vision and pride of something that hopefully will live for years to come. …

Lasse Olsen

Not an expert

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